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110mm Wooden Spoon

400.007,280.00 INC. GST
  • Color: brown, material: Poplarwood
  • These disposablesal spoon are 100% - biodegradable.
  • 100% Pure Indian Wooden Product.
  • Disposable Wooden Ice-Cream 110MM Spoon.
  • A great alternative to plastic, better for the health and the planet

140mm Wooden Fork

  • A Pack of 500,1000,5000 pcs. Wooden Disposable Fork 14 cms. in length. The most unique disposable , eco friendly dinnerware you would ever come across. All naturally textured, elegant, sturdy forks.

140mm Wooden Spoon

450.007,499.00 INC. GST
  • Spoons are made of 100% Natural Smooth Birch wood- Non Toxic: no plastics or harmful chemicals.
  • Eco-Friendly Product, Compostable & Biodegradable, A great alternative to plastic, Better for the Health and the Planet.
  • Disposable Strong and Sturdy Spoon, making clean up easy.
  • Can be used Party Supplies, baby showers, birthday parties, Catering Events, Restaurant weddings, picnics or any event and Art and Craft.
  • Painting Wooden spoons gives a rich aura to the dining event.

140mm Wooden Spoon

550.007,499.00 INC. GST
  • Disposable knife made of birchwood
  • Best alternate to plastic knives for cake cutting and for use in parties, home events and more
  • 140mm wooden knief-length-140mm Handle width-14mm Head width-20mm Thickness-2mm.
  • FLATWARE FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND MORE: At any get-together you are having, our wooden cutlery is perfect alternative to tacky plastic utensils or expensive silver ware. You guests will love our knives which are made from 100% natural wood. Whether you are planning an outdoor picnic, participating in vendor events, or hosting a beach wedding, our cutlery is the perfect addition to any event! our products can be purchased in bulk for large gatherings.
  • QUALITY CONTROL: we have the highest standard of quality possible. All of our products are heat tolerant, chemical-free. We don’t use any glues, glazes or dyes on our products. Our utensils can handle any appetizer, meal or dessert thrown at them!
  • NATURAL DISPOSABLE CUTLERY: Instead of getting boxes full of clear plastic cutlery that can hurt our ecosystem, invest in our wooden utensils that are 100% compostable.

160mm Wooden Fork

  • Product Type: Disposable Spoons and Forks
  •  Disposable Wooden Spoons Heavy Weight
  • Made of 100% natural solid birch wood
  • Simple design, easy to dispose
  • Eco friendly, recyclablePerfect for any occasions such as Parties, BBQs and much more.

160mm Wooden Knife

650.007,849.00 INC. GST
  • Disposable knife made of birchwood
  • Eco friendly, recyclable and reusable
  • Best alternate to plastic knives for cake cutting and for use in parties, home events and more.

160mm Wooden Spoon

599.009,999.00 INC. GST
  • These spoons can be used for hot or cold food items. it offers reliable strength and does not contain any plastic or wax lining. these spoons are microwavable & freezable.
  • These biodegradable spoons makes a great choice for your daily meals or restaurants, food trucks, to-go orders, special events, and other types of food service environments.
  • eco-friendly spoon made from the 100% Biodegradable & Compostable bagasse fibre.
  • Eco friendly, recyclable and reusable. Disposable spoon made of birchwood
  • Heat resistant and perfect for parties, BBQ, home events and more
  • 16 cms (160 mm) in length

160mm Wooden Spork

Our products gives off no toxic chemicals associated with conventional plastic and in addition our products have been certified compostable. 160mm Wooden Disposable spoon is biodegradable and is perfect for your kitchen, events and birthday parties. Be assured, you're not contributing to the plastic waste from our products.

95mm Wooden Spoon

349.007,199.00 INC. GST
  • These Disposable wooden spoons are 100% eco friendly- biodegradable and compostable
  • Use these spoons to taste test frozen desserts,Ice cream, cereal, hot soups, yogurt, cake pie and any food you desire.
  • Made of smooth birchwood which insures no splinters and a sturdy utensil for any food choices, heat tolerant and no transfer of wood taste.
  • Ideal for Everyday use, Home, School lunches, Picnics, Parties, Weddings, Reunions, Family Gatherings and even Art Projects for stamping or painting.

Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Popsicle Sticks

300.003,360.00 INC. GST
Material : Wooden Made from 100% natural wood, wooden ice cream stick also used for ice cream. Used in various

Natural Wooden Disposable Ice Cream Spoon 1/2 Inch x 3 Inch for Home, Party, Art and Craft Use

300.004,800.00 INC. GST
Size : Ice Cream Stick :1/2 Inch x 3 Inch High Quality Ice cream Sticks School Projects involving ice cream